My name is Dabelle

I have made frequent appearances in Debbie's 365 photography project.  But let me introduce myself.
I was born nameless in the Lego factory but now I live in Africa with Debbie, her teenage son and a whole bunch of other Lego characters. Like Debbie, I love travelling, and I am a photographer too. I will go just about anywhere and do just about anything for a photo (although I'm not sure that Debbie will go that far!). Of all the Lego people that live with me, I am the only photographer.
My motto is “one hand for myself and one for the camera!” 
I was once asked to write a poem about myself, here it is...

  • Some say that I am intrepid and adventurous, but really I look at it as enjoying my job!
  • Some say that my trademark cloak is creepy but I think it makes makes me look like batgirl!
  • Some say that I am a mermaid, in truth it only happens when I swim!
  • Some say that I am overly attached to my camera but in reality the jolly thing is tied around my neck!
  • Some say that purple is my favourite colour - err … they may be right!
Have a look in the Gallery to see what I get up to. 
A note from Debbie
Over the last year or so, creating the character known as Dabelle and bestowing her with a personality has been one of the funnest things I have done for a long time. 
In a way it has been like writing a book as I have made up adventures for her and written stories to go with the photographs. 
I will share these here over time.