Happy Things - Snippets
  1. 39
    Sunshine on your face
    "Walk in time to life’s refrain" (Natalia Imbruglia)
    Fri 25th Sept 2015
  2. 38
    Alliteration in music lyrics
    Strong alliteration in lyrics like "I am Rock" by Simon and Garf "In a deep and dark December" "On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow"
    Sat 26th Sept 2015
  3. 37
    My favourite things
    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ... The song from the Sound of Music
    Sun 27th Sept 2015
  4. 36
    Coloured pens
    My purple, green, pink and orange ballpoint pens make me happy every time I write with them!
    Mon 28th Sept 2015
  5. 35
    Always having a camera to hand
    I love that nowadays our smartphones are always available to take that surprising shot
    Tue 29th Sept 2015
  6. 34
    Delightful conversations with my son who is rapidly becoming a man
    Wed 30th Sept 2015
  7. 33
    More conversations
    An engaging conversation with the security guard at work today regarding the dire state of our town and its management
    Thur 1st Oct 2015
  8. 32
    Exploring antique shops
    Spending a happy hour or so just poking around the treasures of yester year
    Fri 2nd Oct 2015
  9. 31
    Colouring pencils and pens
    Digging my colouring pencils and pens out of the cupboard and putting them in a pretty tin so I can actually use them!
    Sat 3rd Oct 2015
  10. 30
    Afternoon naps
    I love Sunday afternoon naps, it feels to decadent.
    Sun 4th Oct 2015
  11. 29
    Working on a photo theme
    This month I am doing a month of circles, and I am looking everywhere for them. Loving it!
    Mon 5th Oct 2015
  12. 28
    Just makes me happy. Full stop.
    Tue 6th Oct 2015
  13. 27
    Taking a 'photo walk' at lunchtime
    Instead of sitting at my desk, I took a photo walk around campus. Not only did I get fresh air, but I was also reminded how beautiful our campus is.
    Thur 8th Oct 2015
  14. 26
    Old friends
    Catching up with old friends, even for an hour or so, is very comforting.
    Fri 9th Oct 2015
  15. 25
    Enthusiastic learners
    The learners in my club make me happy and give me hope for the future.
    Tues 12th Oct 2015
  16. 24
    I never get tired of watching re-runs of certain TV sitcoms: Friends, Will & Grace (who can resist Karen and Jack?) and of course The Big Bang Theory!
    Wed 14th Oct 2015
  17. 23
    Unstructured Days
    Looking forward to the weekend and unstructured days - no plans, just time to 'be'.
    Fri 16th Oct 2015
  18. 22
    Making a perfect coleslaw salad in my own way
    Mon 19th Oct 2015
  19. 21
    Finishing a creative project
    I finally finished designing an image that represents where I want to go in life. I have been working on it a long time.
    Tues 20th Oct 2015
  20. 20
    Drama series
    I love the way the British do costume dramas and drama series: Poldark, Larkrise to Candleford, Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, Morse, Lewis... the list goes on and on
    Sun 25th Oct 2015
  21. 19
    Playing with patterns and shapes
    Today, whilst preparing for a club, I was playing with a load of 2D shapes and making tessellation patterns
    Tue 27th Oct 2015
  22. 18
    Previous maths club kids
    Last night I met up with a bunch of children who were in my first maths club in 2012. How lovely to see them again.
    Fri 30th Nov 2015
  23. 17
    Epic movies
    We have been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy this weekend, we got through 1 and 2!
    Sun 1st Nov 2015
  24. 16
    Drinks ..
    Nothing makes me happier than a decent cup of tea or an ice cold glass of water
    Tues 3rd Nov 2015
  25. 15
    My new favourite is watermelon and strawberry with a touch of fresh mint ... yum
    Fri 6th Nov 2015
  26. 14
    Jacaranda time
    Jacaranda blooms means spring time! Love the purple, the childhood memories and the splash of colour against the green
    Tue 10th Nov 2015
  27. 13
    George Clarke's small spaces
    I love the innovation and ingenuity that people show when building a small space. One day I hope to have a small space.
    Tues 17th Nov 2015
  28. 12
    Summer holidays
    Knowing that the long summer holiday is less than a week away is keeping me going.
    Wed 25 Nov 2015
  29. 11
    Photo books
    I never realised what pleasure I would get out of holding and reading books printed with my photos
    Fri 27th Nov 2015
  30. 10
    In the words of Bruno Mars
    Today I don't feel like doing anything / I just wanna lay in my bed Don't feel like picking up my phone / So leave a message at the tone 'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything (The Lazy Song)
    Fri 4th Dec 2015
  31. 9
    The ocean
    I have forgotten how invigorating it is to be at the coast. It certainly feels fresher and cleaner.
    Mon 14th Dec 2015
  32. 8
    Finding inspiration in my home town
    I am amazed to still find inspiration in my home town for photography after 2 years of taking shots of it.
    Sat 16th April 2016
  33. 7
    Writing a blog post
    I have discovered that in writing about the small things, I am recalling parts of my life which I have forgotten
    Sun 24th Apr 2016
  34. 6
    Sitting with the feeling of unbalance. Jean Piaget called this “disequilibrium” and is a necessary part of learning. Eventually, the state of confusion will balance out and I will assimilate these ideas into my mind and reach a new state of equilibrium.
    Sun 5th Jun 2016
  35. 5
    Unexpected time with friends
    Yesterday a friend from Port Alfred came up to town for lunch. It was so lovely to chat over a weekend without the need to rush off to work.
    Mon 27th Jun 2016
  36. 4
    Sea air
    Spending the day walking beside the sea - invigorating and cleansing
    Mon 15th Aug 2016
  37. 3
    Being home
    After almost a month of travelling both locally and internationally, I am happy to be home and no longer living out of a suitcase. Funny how the simplest of things can make me happy.
    Tue 23rd Aug 2016
  38. 2
    Taking action
    Making the decision this morning to stop complaining about things and do what I can to change them, or leave them alone.
    Fri 26th Aug 2016
  39. 1
    After a heat-wave this week, we finally have some much needed, soft gentle rain
    Sat 3rd Sept 2016
  40. 0
    Writing, writing!
    So happy that my creative writing juices are flowing both in my academic and personal writings.
    Thur 22nd Sept 2016